David Orr
Front-End Developer with Design Expertise
  • HTML5, CSS3 with SASS and LESS preprocessors, Bootstrap, jQuery, javascript, angular.js, angular 4
  • Professional Certificate: MEAN Stack Environment (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and Node JS), Collabera Consulting, 2018
  • Wire frames and story boarding: Axure, Sketch, Balsamiq; PhotoShop
  • Who knows what's going to turn up next? Problem solving is a process of discovery — and a joy!

I believe that powerful user experiences arise out of user-centered design exercises, process flow charting, rapid prototyping, and judiciously using UX trends, like micro-interactions. More than such analysis and strategy, I believe in the power of collaboration and communication to trigger fresh ideas. Many times I have seen how the state of creative "flow" suddenly reveals a remarkable design solution. Some drink and cheese along the way also helps.

  • Designing something, building it, and seeing it solve problems or create delight — nothing is more satisfying!

It's like the left brain and right brain take the same plane to a holiday destination — and end up getting married.

Web Resume and References Presented Upon Request

CVS Health — UI Development
Chicago, Illinois, February - August, 2018

Design of a sequence of screens that process prescription refill and their development as HTML components and web services with Angular 4.0 and 5.0.

Motorola Solutions —UI Development and UX Design
Chicago, Illinois, August - December, 2017

Proprietary, front-end development of an e-commerce prototype platform for selling systems and parts for emergency response systems.

Wireframes in-progress, September 2017

Kauai Vacation Rentals — UX Design
remote to Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, July - October, 2017

Wireframe analysis for a responsive redesign of a customer-facing vacation house rental service. Here illustrated: status of August 23, 2017.

Peapod/Ahold Delhaize — UI Development
Chicago, October 2016 - July 2017

Development of the responsive redesign of customer-facing websites for five supermarket chains cumulatively holding number two market share in the United States. Implemented pixel-perfect, responsive code for account sign-up, registration confirmation, and forgot password/username screen flows. HTML, CSS, javascript, Backbone, Marionette, Foundation, and Oracle/ATG CMS.

larger image
stopandshop.com — launched July 27, 2017
larger image
giantfood.com — launched July 27, 2017
giantfoodstores.com — launched July 27, 2017
martinsfoods.com — launched July 18, 2017

Hypercision — UX Design
Oak Park, IL, December 2015 - August 2016

Several cycles — process flow diagrams, wireframes and mockups, low fidelity to high fidelity — that identified, evaluated, and depicted UX options for a prospective employee health monitoring website. Unlaunched, in beta testing. UI development by others. Free-lance.

Gogo Inflight Services — UI Development
Chicago, September 2015 - March 2016

Front-end development, maintenance, and enhancement of customer-facing interfaces connecting commercial and private passengers and crew with internet services.

Templates and modules in a Fatwire CMS were customized at various levels to match branding guidelines of client airlines.

Airline-specific content and functionality was developed with HTML, CSS, and javascript. The following image shows a success banner that loads after login for Alaska Airlines.

SurePayroll — UI Development
Glenview, IL, December 2014 - September 2015

UI development in HTML, CSS, and javascript for the complete redesign of an application that processes payrolls. The Intuitive layouts — ideated as part of the Product Design team — specified a robost scope of payroll details.

Standardization and consolidation of CSS classes were key to building concise code throughout the application. Initial development focused on the heart of the application, Payroll Entry.

Work with the highcharts javascript library delivered effective data visualization on the payroll preview screen.

Work with the select2 javascript library delivered an effective, customized dropdown component used throughout the application.

Work with the nanoscroller javascript library delivered an effective, customized scrollbar in modal overlays used throughout the application.

Work with date-range calendar components offered an intuitive, interactive method for selecting payroll start dates, end dates, and check dates.

John Deere, Intelligent Solutions Group — UI Development
Urbandale, Iowa, April - September, 2014

Proprietary, front-end development of screens in a customer-facing application presenting and evaluating data collected by machines used in agriculture, forestry, and construction.

Meadowbrook Insurance — UX Design and UI Development
Southfield, MI, January - June 2014

Members of the Michigan Municipal League asked for upbeat, colorful layouts to document salaries and insurance certificates for employees and contractors of local government. Local officials enjoyed switching to this bright and friendly audit application, which replaced a cumbersome paper-based process. All UX design and front-end development.

The member-facing application changes scope twice a year, per regular or renewal audits. A set of administrative screens allows app administrators to set the scope of content displayed to members in each audit cycle.

Humana — UX Design
Chicago, February - March, 2014

Interaction design and Axure wireframing for humana.com and the MyHumana mobile app. Site metrics revealed that visitors to Humana.com's customer support page did not recognize that page as offering customer support content. That function was clarified by (1) merging customer support and FAQ content and (2) allowing the strength of standard widgets (tabs and progressive displays) to define local context areas.

Customers holding health savings accounts may be asked to substantiate claims. A legacy process, which relied on the faxing of receipts, was cumbersome. This UX evaluation — here presented for Android — illustrates how an account holder could substantiate claims by smartphone imaging of receipts. This avoids the need to fax. The streamlined process saves time and effort for both customers and claims processors.

Perfect Ambient Music — UX Design and UI Development
Chicago, 2014

This website celebrates the work of a Chicago-based composer. The site launched during the debut of his first album marketed through Juno and cdbaby.

State Farm Insurance — UX Design and UI Development
Bloomington, IL, 2010 - 2013

Web strategy, creative direction, UI design and front-end development — mockups and high-fidelity prototypes for proposed customer services as well as internal management applications, IT R&D and Enterprise Innovation departments.

One of a half-dozen different funtional prototypes for search engine applications indexing both structured and unstructured data. This instance: an email discovery search, UI design, HTML5, CSS3 jQuery, solr widget customization with javascript. Other instances included UI with draggable and resizeable search box results.

Mobile UI, wireframes and mockups — Android-based driving app, launched in Beta, April 2013

Mobile UI, wireframes and mockups — prospective home monitoring product launch, 2012

Mobile UI, wireframes and mockups — prospective home monitoring product launch, 2012

Prospective insurance app for collaborative consumers
Mobile UI wireframes rendered in Photoshop, October 2011.

Prospective agent locator/scheduler app
Mobile UX wireframes rendered in Photoshop with functional mockup produced with HTML, CSS3, and javascript, November 2010.

Concept cards for prospective ventures: a robotic roof inspection service and an insurance product for e-commerce.

American Society of Anesthesiologists — UI Development and UX Design
Mt. Prospect, Illinois 2012 - 2013

Front-end development with HTML, CSS, and asp.net support for the redesign of the ASA Members' portal; all front-end and back-end customization for ASA's e-commerce web site. Both launched October 2010. That initiative is still going strong in production several years later.

Boston Media Group — UI Development and UX Design
Boston, Massachusetts, 2011

UX Design and back-end coding of a store locator application interfacing with Google Maps for use by third-party advertisers. Initial appication instance launched February 2010 for a promotional website (now decommissioned) for Curves, a chain of women's fitness clubs.

Jones Lang LaSalle — UX Design and UI Development
Los Angeles, CA, 2011

The local government of Marin County, California, was about to restore its Frank Lloyd Wright-designed government center. The County needed an easy way to disseminate contruction bid info and to register prospective bidders. This little did just that. Web hosting, UX design, front- and back-end coding for a sqlserver database. Launched March 2010, now decommissioned.

Allstate Insurance — UI Development and UX Design
Northbrook, IL, 2008 - 2009

Proprietary, web-based internal project management application UX design and UI development, Agency Sales department.

Health Care Service Corp. — UI Development
Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chicago, Illinois, 2009

Public web sites for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, were redesigned in the fall of 2009. Hundreds of pages from heritage format had to be migrated into new standards. A heavy focus on standards for HTML, CSS, javascript, the TeamSite Content Management System, and its templates and components made that migration possible over a short term. That initiative can still be seen in these URLs several years later:


JPMorgan Chase — UX Design and UI Development
Chicago, Illinois, 1989 - 2008

JPMorgan Chase Internet — vendor engagement content for the Sourcing & Procurement department.

JPMorgan Chase intranet — proprietary content for Corp. Real Estate, Corp. Security, Meeting & Events, Dining Services, Travel, and Sourcing & Procurement departments.

JPMorgan Chase application design and development — proprietary web-based management of all properties owned and leased by the corporation.

Founder team member of the corporate intranet, legacy company 1st National Bank of Chicago. First project: the online company phonebook.

Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation — UI Development and UX Design
Elizabeth, IL; non-profit, pro bono

Redesign and brand-standardization in phases, July 2008 - December 2013, for two merged not-for-profits which promote events, conservation practices, and conserved properties in northwest Illinois.

HPZS Architects — UX Design
Chicago, 2010

Web site redesign proposals, unlaunched.

Hobby Website: Genealogy Data Repository — UI Development and UX Design
1998 - present

The Repository: 40 Years of Research
HTML code with Angular directives, entry page
Javascript code with Angular controllers, entry page
D3.js code for tree charting, entry page, Interactive Tree tab

Desktop, mobile, and tablet — any device can reference hundreds and hundreds of ancestral profiles. A 20-year old personal hobby website is now state of the art — thanks to angular.js, JSON data structure, d3.js charting, and responsive web styling.

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