Genealogical Notes
by David Orr


Thanks go out to all who generously shared knowledge of -- and research time on -- our common history. Feel free to exchange the address of this site among family researchers. Please email thoughts that direct, expand, or correct information.

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Much of this information presented on this website has been documented. However, some relationships can only be speculated and tested as theory. Please consult David Orr before using and rebroadcasting data herein as documented.

Best practice: citing sources

Recent Research

Securely hidden for decades, the details for the Orr line prior to 1850 are now open. Thanks to DNA testing and collaboration with other DNA testers, we know how a once-scandalous legacy now makes an intriguing story ngof horse theft, aliases, and missing fathers — and we know how the following men form the Shannon-Orr line over eight generations.

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